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Teleray’s Telehealth Technology Is Committed To Winning The Fight Against COVID-19. Offering 60 Days Free.


PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Insights Care magazine and online publication has awarded Nautilus Medical the top spot for the Most Advanced Medical Imaging Provider out of 10 finalists for the cover story. Read more

Why Choose Us

TurnKey Telehealth

Improve patient satisfaction

Organizations using telehealth increase patient satisfaction, patient retention, and revenue.

Studies have shown organizations using telehealth programs see patient satisfaction rates of 96. 4%. 


TeleRay provides access to billing specialist making sure you get paid

Free On-boarding

TeleRay professionals help with planning, building and implementing your successful telehealth program.

Payment capture

TeleRay’s payment capture technology allows for next day deposits.

HIPAA Compliant

Advanced encryption architecture for secure HIPAA compliant communication. Our technology is built for real-world environments. We sign a BAA with every practice!

TurnKey Telehealth Equipment

All in one plug and play telehealth stations.


TeleRay provides on-demand support for your patients allowing your practice to focus on providing medical care


Medical Device & DICOM Review Integration

Send a consulting physician imaging during a live scan.

How to get started


PIck your package

Pick one of our TeleRay packages or speak with a specialist to get help determining your best solution.

TeleRay Setup

After choosing your preferred package our telehealth tech experts will help set up your account, hardware , workflow and answer any questions to get you ready to launch!

Patient onboarding

TeleRay allows easy signup for existing and new patients.

TeleRay’s onboarding agents are willing to walk your patients through setup allowing physicians to focus on providing care.

Going live

After all your patients have been onboarded you are ready to go live! TeleRay has in-app live support as well as a support hotline for both patients and physicians.

Why TeleRay

What devices Does Teleray work on?
TeleRay’s platform works on all devices and operating systems through an innovative in browser technology. This feature allows for no app installs or cumbersome software downloads.
Can TeleRay Integrate with my EMR & Website?
TeleRay’s software offers a direct embed option to integrate telehealth visits directly into hospitals’ electronic health records, enabling physicians to continue their clinical documenting without disrupting their workflow
Does TeleRay allow Custom Branding?
TeleRay can be added to an organization’s website easily with custom branding providing seamless integration.
Telemedicine education?
Yes! TeleRay has educational courses and access to telehealth experts to streamline your leap into telehealth.
How is TeleRay hipaa compliant?
For real-time digital communication of patient information, HIPAA requires that the communication channel be properly secured to protect patient confidentiality. TeleRay ensures secure transmission by using:


  • Secure Connection: The sessions established are secure (with secured tokens that are regenerated). Random AES keys are generated by clients at the beginning of the media connection and, to increase security, additional keys are generated periodically throughout the session.
  • Data Transmission and Encryption: TeleRay employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt both voice and video data. The core protocols used are SRTP for media traffic encryption and DTLS-SRTP for key negotiation, both of which are defined by the IETF. The endpoints use AES cipher with 256-bit keys to encrypt audio and video, and HMAC-SHA1 to verify data integrity.
  • TeleRay does not store any information, and only allows a 1:1 connection.
  •  TeleRay Live has to approve all users and sets all contacts within each account allowing only approved users to be contacted.


TeleRay Server Location and Security measures :


  • The TeleRay’s Server is hosted inside Azure Cloud under their advanced security program. Utilizing Azure security detects breaches, threats and performs virus scans, ensuring data integrity. TeleRay continues to implement all recommended security features and improvements recommended by Azure advanced security team.


Does TeleRay provide Custom Development?
TeleRay is powered by Nautilus Medical’s trusted software team allowing for custom features, workflows, and integrations to be developed.
Does Teleray Sign a BAA?

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